It's time to legalise Assisted Dying

Check out our article for the Tory Reform Group's blog titled 'It's time to legalise Assisted Dying'

We support the proposal by 'The Campaign for Dignity in Dying' to legalise assisted dying for terminally ill patients who have 6 months or less to live.

The case for legalising assisted dying

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One-Nation Conservatives should stay and fight for our party

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General Election 2019 Update

Check out our latest update following the announcement of General Election 2019.  What is our vision? What are our values? Why are we in politics?

Our take on the 2019 Conservative Party Manifesto

We have been working to get our One-Nation, Liberal Conservative values to underpin the Conservative Party manifesto. Here is our take on the manifesto.


Who We Are

Why we began, Our aims, Our values