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"Very pleased that @CentreThinkTank
 have asked us to be a partner group!

Both believe in Centrist, Moderate, Pragmatic, Progressive values

#OneNation #LiberalConservatives want to unite & reach consensus. Working with other groups is, therefore, vital.""


Centre Think Tank

"Today we can announce that we have agreed a partnership with the 
 group. We are working with people from across politics to defend centrism and to create new ideas.  Find out more about them here:"


Tories for Climate Action

"We are delighted to announce our partnership with @Liberal_Tory


@Liberal_Tory have led the way in promoting #OneNation #LiberalConservative values, including conserving the environment

We look forward to working with them in our common environmental goals!


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"We are delighted to announce our partnership with @ClimateTories


@ClimateTories have been at the forefront of the centre-right campaign for environmentalism


We look forward to working with them to campaign for a greener Britain through market-based solutions


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"We support the values that @MoreUnitedUK champion. It is refreshing to see a group of cross-party MPs working together to promote consensus in the most important issues of our time.

As #OneNation #LiberalConservatives, we will always champion moderation, unity and centre-ground politics rather than the extremes, and we are pleased to partner with More United to further our shared goal."


More United

"We are working with organisations like the Liberal Conservatives to bring more moderate, progressive cross-party voices together on issues such as mental health, social care and urgent climate action’'