The Liberal Conservatives

A grassroots campaign in support of Liberal Conservative, Pragmatic, One-Nation values


Our Values

We want people that share our Conservative values to join the Conservative Party.


We believe in an internationalist, not isolationist Britain. 

We support our international aid budget to help the most vulnerable in the world and champion free-trade to benefit our economy, and create a truly global Britain.

Conserving our Environment

We are environmentalists because we are Conservatives, not in spite of it. It is the job of our generation to look after the planet for the future. 

It is critical that we lead the world in  decarbonising our economy through a green-capitalist agenda.

Conserving our Environment


Conserving our Environment

The main role of the state is to enable individuals to prosper in life. We believe that the individual knows best how they can best thrive, not the state. 

By having a high-wage, low-tax economy, we can give opportunities & reward aspiration so that everyone is in control of their destiny.

Conserving our Environment

Supporting aspiration

Immigration is positive for our economy and enriches British culture. We will always champion the benefits that immigration brings to Britain.

As an open & tolerant country, we want to attract the brightest & best to the UK, not close our borders to the rest of the world.


We champion a pro-business, free-enterprise society, based on a dynamic high-growth, sustainable mixed economy. 

Businesses should be supported, not bashed by the state as they are the true wealth creators. Only by having a pro-business government can we generate a strong economy.

Pro-business & free-enterprise


One of the core traditional values of Conservatism is Pragmatism. 

We believe that evidence-based, rather than ideologically-driven policies lead to better governance and move Britain forward.

A reliance on simple ideology will always keep us stuck in the past.

Where someone starts in life should not determine where they end in life. We believe in the idea of the meritocratic 'British dream' where hard-work results in success. 

Social Mobility is vital and at the heart of our One-Nation Conservative agenda.

Empowering equality of opportunity

Each of the four nations that make up our great union are interdependent of each other. We are at our strongest & thrive only when united. 

Creating one united country underpins all our values & is the backbone of our 'One-Nation' mission in politics.


Whatever your race, religion, sex, gender, sexuality or identity, you should be welcome in our society. 

21st century British politics should be based around a tolerant, accepting, open & progressive society.



The only way to fund our vital public services and help the most vulnerable in our society is to have a strong economy. 

Fiscal prudence allows us to keep inflation stable, raise the standard of living & maintain strong, highly-functioning public services.

Socialism leaves us with debt & uncertainty.

Fiscal responsibility

If you support our values,  we urge you to join the Conservative Party and join our fight for a One-Nation, Pragmatic, Liberal Conservative future